Domo Plan


The Domo Plan Factory is located in Qatar. It specializes in all sorts of precast concrete works ranging from separation walls to fully precast slabs.
This industry, based on an Italian technology revolutionized the construction industry in 2006 due to its vast advantages in construction. Using pre-cast in construction, whether at early stages or later stages in a development does not require any additional capital expenditures, and can be added and modified accordingly during any phase of the project.
We provide you with the full executional drawings and bills of quantities that are easily inspected and approved by your consultants and we can be ready for product delivery with as little as 10 working days depending on the project size and surface features.

Using pre-cast has shown significant benefits opposed to its substitutes (Block work, Hourdi slabs etc.) such as:

Saving up to 30% in construction time (concrete and skeleton phase)

Saving up to 15% in cost
Saving up to 40% in energy consumption
Saving up to 10% in total development weights and loads, which incurs further indirect savings.

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